Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Babeland.com Sex Toy Review: OVER 18 WARNING!

 Buzzlet Vibe
Supplied By Babeland.com for review.


There are many uses for the Buzzlet Vibe! You can use it as a traditional vibrator with up to 3 inches of insertion. You can use it for stimulation for the clitoris, nipples, vaginal opening, penis ect. This is an unconventional use for the vibe, that I probably never would have thought of if I wasn't told about it by a friend. You can use this vibe as a back massager! It has so many different pulsations and vibration settings that it will get all those nasty stress knots out of your back!

Material / Texture

The Buzzlet Vibe is made from hard plastic and elastomer. It is made from all medical grade materials, so you don't need to worry about what you are using! This is solidly made, its not going to fall apart on you. 

It has a soft velvety texture on one side and on the other is a a glossy smooth finish. It is great for a texture type of play.  

Shape / Design / Size / Fit

This has to be the most awesome toy I have ever received. It is sleek, chic and grown up.  It is 4 inches long by 1 inch in diameter making this a toy great for anyone! You can use it for so many different functions. It comes with a very cool induction charger. There is no plugging this in. Just plug the charger into the wall and drop it on the induction charger and it will charge. It does suggest to charge the vibe for 10 hours before the inital use... what I did was put it on the charger before I went to bed and it was ready to go in the morning. It will come out of the box with a little bit of a charge. Enough to use for one use, but it will need to be charged.

Functions / Performance / Controls

The Buzzlet vibe is so versatile, it can be used for a vibrator, a stimulation tool and a massager. It is an all in one toy. It has a crazy amount of vibration and pattern settings. It has 3 vibrations, low, medium and high. And it has 5 patterns. 

This is a waterproof vibe that you can take into the bath or shower with you. The water doesn't hinder the performance of the vibe at all. In fact I found that in water this is a very quiet toy.

It is a pretty discreet toy the medium and low settings aren't able to be heard through a blanket but the rest of the settings will be easily heard. You could however use behind a closed door and not have to worry about it being heard.

The Buzzlet Vibe is great for partner sex. Its small enough that it will fit easily between two bodies.

Care and Maintenance

The Buzzlet Vibe is super easy to clean. All you need is your favorite toy cleaner or a mild anti-bacterial soap, run it under some warm water, while rolling the vibe between your hands and it will come clean. I also suggest picking up cleaning wipes from Babeland.com they are really easy to use and kind of resemble a baby wipe. All you have to do is wipe the toy off and it will be sanitized and ready to use again.

You cannot use any alcohol based cleaners or straight alcohol on this vibe. It can damage it.


I love the packaging to the Buzzlet Vibe. It comes in a very nice and professional looking black box with a sleeve over it with the company logo on it and a picture of the Buzzlet Vibe in the color that you choose. It would be amazing for gift giving. I also use the box for storage. It holds your vibe firmly in place and won't allow it to be damaged in any way while in the box. It also will protect it from any dust or fuzz that is flying around.

You can purchase the Buzzlet Vibe at Babeland.com for 80.00

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