Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Wish Review

Title: Wish
Author: Ashlynn Monroe
Release Date: Aug 7, 2010
Publisher: Silver Publishing
Source: Author (Thanks Ashlynn)
When Lily inherited an old antique oil lamp she received more than she could have imagined, her own hunkalicious genie who is read to grant her anything…anything that she could want, including his body. Wanting to end his suffering she makes a mistake that will lead her down a magical journey of pain and redemption. 

 Lily has just lost her grandfather. Her grandfather had raised her, and was also her last living relative. With her grandfather's passing she has inherited some of his things. Among his things is an old oil lamp, one in which he used to tell Lily had special powers. But her grandfather never used the lamp, in fear that he would phrase the wish wrong and have something horrible happen.

Lily doesn't believe in such magic, but now with all of her relatives gone, she is feeling very alone. So she takes the lamp home so that she will have something to remind her of her grandfather. Little did she know that inside lives a sexy genie. When he makes his way out of the lamp Lily is determined that he won't have to go back in but at what price?

Wish was an excellent read. It started out a little slow for me, but as I got further into the story I realized that the slowness was necessary in order to portray the story correctly. Zavier is a sexy genie, who has been trapped inside the lamp as a punishment for something horrible that he did many, many years ago. Lily is alone in the world and needs someone that she can rely on. Zavier and Lily are perfect together, but not without their obstacles. Both characters are well developed and utterly irresistible.  I had to read Wish in one sitting, although that wasn't that hard, it isn't a very long story by any means, but the length shouldn't dictate whether you read Wish or not... it is nothing less than fabulously delicious! If I ever brought home a magic lamp... I would want someone like Zavier in mine!


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