Tuesday, November 23, 2010

On My Christmas List...

So every year I make some sort of wish list out... not that I will get all of these... or well sometimes I won't get anything on my wish list but that's okay. Making a wish list helps get me into the holiday spirit, so below I have listed a few of things on my wish list for this year. So here is my bookish wish list!

The Harry Potter Audio Collection! Yes I do want this but its also very close to 300.00 for the set, one bullet I am not willing to bite, so more than likely this is one thing on my wish list that isn't very practical ... but hey! I want it, so it made the list.
The Got Ninja decal from DecalGirl made my list. I mean how cute is this decal? I always have some sort of decal on ...well... everything. Its a great and inexpensive way to personalize and its great at protecting whatever device it is on. Its only 7.99 for a phone decal and 14.99 for a Kindle Decal!

The Kandle Kindle light! I feel that one draw back from the Kindle is that there is no lighting, what so ever! It is a very neat concept, I am not overly sure that I am willing to pay 25.99 to light my Kindle but it is a very cute light!

These Kindle cases are made by Amazon for the Kindle 3. They are bright and have a built in light, so that you can read on the go. Again like most Kindle accessories made by Amazon, it does have a nice price tag to go along with it of 59.99 ... Love the idea... Hate the price, but love the color so it made it to my list this year.

Okay so I am pretty sure that any bookish fiend wants a bookcase like this one. When I saw this I was like ooooo. I want this in the worst way. This is actually a custom built in. I have been trying to convince my husband to build me one, but he has yet to get around to it lol.

I actually found this today on Amazon for only 15.00! I might actually have to grab this for myself as a little bookish treat! I haven't read any of these books but have heard some amazing things about the series, which makes me want to pick up the boxed set... the draw back is that they are all paperback and I would love to have these in hardcover.

What are your bookish wishes for this year?


  1. On the top of my list is the Kindle, which my husband ordered for me over the weekend. Other than that, an Amazon gift card to fill it with books and a case is all I really need. I like the case on your list, but not sure I want to spend $60 on one.

    That bookshelf is awesome!

  2. Yeah I am having the same issue with the case on my list, love the case... love the color hate the price lol

  3. The Kandle is definitely worth it. Love mine. Oh my gosh. I love that bookshelf. So awesome!

  4. You have never read "The Mortal Instruments" series?!?
    SHAME ON YOU! ;)
    That series is honest to goodness my favourite book series of all time. Seriously, I am planning on getting tattoos based off of that book (well, at least I dream of getting tattoos based off of it- I'd prolly chick out)...
    And $15?!? I was paying more than that per book!

  5. I really want and need a bookcase and I love the pic of the one you posted. Want it!!!

  6. An eReader of some kind would be on my #1 spot! My phone is making my eyes hurt so much! :( But I know I am not going to get that... :\

  7. That is an amazing bookshelf!!!!!! Hope you get most if not all on your wishlist!

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