Saturday, November 20, 2010

New Review Content....


Okay so I have been thinking about widening my range of reviews to include Sex Toys... My question to all my followers is how you feel about this being on Sparkling Reviews? Leave me a comment and let me know the following questions if you can.
1. Do you think it is too of an adult nature to be featured on Sparkling Reviews?

2. Do you like the idea of seeing something more adult on the blog?

3. Do you think they should be featured on a separate page from everything else?

4. Do you think that the reviews should be placed on a separate blog, or is everything okay right here?

5. Would you still be interested in the blog if it featured sex toy and product reviews?
If there is anything else you would like to include in your comment please don't hesitate but also please keep it respectful. Thanks :)


  1. It is your blog so you could post about whatever you want, but you do have a lot of followers who are under 18 so I really don't think it would be appropriate to feature the reviews on this blog. Unless it's under a cut. I'm not really bothered by it though.

  2. I feel like since this blog features alot of young adult book reviews and related contests it wouldn't really be appropriate. It is your blog, so of course you can do what you like with it, but I wouldn't be a fan of it. That isn't to say that I would stop following, but maybe I would if the blog became overly bombarded with it. Already there are two ads for sex toys that seem kind of out of place. If you were to feature them on your blog, I, personally, would prefer if it was in a separate place where someone could go to if they wanted to, but didn't have to if they were here for book reviews.

    But that is just my opinion.


  3. Truth: I think with the majority of your books being for young adults that sex toys are not appropriate because your readers are young. I think if you want to review them thats fine, but you should make a link for another blog address with an 18 and older content warning.

    I have really enjoyed your blog and want to keep reading it, but feel I may be inclined to stop following if I had to be concerned about content.

    I think it shows you truly care about your readers when you ask what we think. It is your blog and if your like me, you do it because it makes you happy. Your happiness is reflected in your writing. Thanks for all of your hard work.

  4. Well, considering that a lot of the books you review seem to be YA titles, and the fact that many people read YA titles precisely because they don't have much sex in them, I think reviewing sex toys here might send some conflicting messages. If you do decide to go ahead with this, I'd put those reviews in a separate section so people can easily opt out of looking if makes them uncomfortable.

  5. I honestly thought this was a joke when I first read it, like someone hacked your account. Sex toys? Seriously?! This is a Young Adult book blog! I'm over 18 and I wouldn't be interested in reading that. The only appropriate thing would be to just start another blog. Your readers follow this blog for book-related posts, so this would be completely random and probably offend many people. I'd guess you'd lose a lot of followers if you started blogging about sex toys.

  6. Okay so it is settled that it will be on a different blog... I figured that I would ask... and for the people sending me inappropriate and disrespectful emails... please don't expect a response because you aren't going to get one.

  7. I really appreciate that you took the time to put it out there for opinion! I have really enjoyed your book blog and certainly look forward to continuing to enjoy it! Keep your followers updated of all new ventures...I think you will have great success!

  8. Awwww... Sorry about the hate mail. You don't deserve that, all you were merely doing was inquiring into what your followers were thinking (which a lot of other people wouldn't do- so hat's off to you), its not like BAM! All of a sudden a sex toy review was posted without any warning...

    I do appreciate your decision to post such reviews on another blog- had you put them on this blog I don't think that I would have stopped following, I think I would have just skipped over the reviews.

    Thanks for asking us for our opinions!

  9. I don't have a problem with viewing adult content myself. I think it's really sad you've had hate mail over it. Nobody deserves that, this is your blog. No one elses. My preference would be to either have it on a seperate page...but due to the YA element of your blog it may be prodent to have it at another site, as previously sugested with an '18 or older' permissions tab :) Good luck with whatever you decide :)

  10. News flash to all the nay sayers. Young Adults are fucking. Young adults are using sex toys. Young adults touch themselves at night. Young Adults troll the internet for porn.

    Your reviews certainly couldn't be anymore risqué than what is already available at their disposal.

    I say go for it. Then again, I work at a sex shop, so one wouldn't expect me to say anything else, eh?

  11. I'm a 17 yo and I don't really mind. It's not like I would buy them, but whatever. But I think that if you are going to be posting reviews of YA, then you attract a young audience who may not be suited for that kind of thing.

    And yes, those teenagers may be sexually active, but if people are going around saying teenagers should wait how hypocrite is it to entice them with that kind of products. So, I think you should make a separate blog for your older followers.

  12. O.O why how did you get hate mails?! Well, on another blog is good. I can't imagine if I was scrolling and reading on google reader, and my parents saw the reviews. D:

  13. Hello *waves*. It's your blog so your free to do whatever you want. Although I do think it would be better to just make a different page for it if it were to still be on this blog. A lot of parents are now censoring their kids' computers (like mine for instance) because of all the sex on the internet so if you would to post sex toy reviews on here, a bunch of your young adult and a few of your adult readers wouldn't be able to view your blog. But, again, it's your choice. It's immature of the people sending you hate mail because your asking us if you should do it. I'll try to read your blog whether you choose to post reviews of toys or not:)
    Friendly Reader:)

  14. Give us the link to your adult blog so that we could follow it too :D

  15. I will make a post with the link in it once it is finished so that you can choose if you wish to go to it or not. Thanks everyone for being so nice about it... others aren't... I can't tell you how much I appreciate it!

  16. With YA content on the blog the sex toy thing may not be a great idea. But in the end it is your choice.

    I'm giving you a blog award. It can be picked up here

  17. Hate mail is not nice. It's your blog. You should do what you want. Yes, young adults do have sex, but because you feature book reviews not sure if the toy thing goes together with YA book reviews. Maybe the toys should be reviewed on another blog because you do have young readers. As YA reviewers we try to adhere to guidelines to protect our young readers. With so many creepy people on the net lurking and stalking, especially kids, it might be best to not draw attraction to young readers who follow you for your book reviews.


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