Sunday, November 7, 2010

My Addiction...

Okay, so it may come as no surprise that my addiction is books... but some people have book addictions that at certain times is worse than others. This is my embarrassing addiction!

My name is Mary and I am addicted to Holiday romance books. Yes its true, I love YA and YA paranormal fiction, but one time of year I read A LOT of Holiday romance books... and that time is coming up. Usually between Nov 1st and Thanksgiving, I start feeding my addiction. Once in a while I will find a great paranormal holiday romance, they are few and far between, but it does happen. I am not overly sure what I like about the books, it just seems that its the time of year when I am really enticed by Holiday romance books. Maybe its because at Christmas time seems as though anything is possible. I love Christmas, it always seems like a magical time of year, people are more generous to one another, and holiday cheer is about. (don't get me wrong Halloween still beats out all holidays for me!). It's also very weird because Christmas is the only time of year that I will read anything but YA and Paranormal literature. Why you ask? I just don't know... but they do say admitting it is the first step!

So... What is your addiction?


  1. I am kind of a sucker for romance, usually around the holidays. I think it is because I am usually ready to curl up on the couch, with a blanket and some hot chocolate and read. I also LOVE to read with the Christmas tree on and some Christmas music. It just kind of sets the mood and almost makes a lot of the settings I read seem more real. I do enjoy romance, often, but I am a bit of addicted to YA...

  2. There is not a whole lot I like more than reading a Christmas romance during the holidays.


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