Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope that everyone has a fantastic holiday with their family today! I know that I will be gaining about 20 pounds with mine and spending all next year trying to lose it.... I think that's why new years is after the holidays.. so you can make a gluten of yourself and then make the new years resolution to lose it all in the new year. Anyways have a great holiday... eat to much, watch some football... most importantly enjoy your family time :)

The funny thing? We have wild turkeys like that one in the picture in our backyard! No we didn't shoot him for dinner! ... We bought ours from the outdoor field we like to call the grocery store, my sister however did decide to kill a turkey this year... for that Thanksgiving meal, I think I will not be eating any turkey, I have a thing about wild meat... No thank you!


  1. Mary,

    Wild Turkeys are so freaking scary. Happy Thanksgiving!

    Missie, The Unread Reader

  2. Hope You have a wonderful Thanksgiving

  3. Happy Thanksgiving to you too! Have a most wonderful thankful day.

    Stop by when every you have time. I have a giveaway going on and you can sign up for a 2011 challenge if you find it worthy.

    Mad Scientist


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