Monday, November 29, 2010

EdenFantasys Sex Toy Review: Over 18 WARNING!

18 and over warning!

Evolved Novelties
Fleur De Lis Seduction Review

     I received my first toy from EdenFantasys to review. It is the Fleur De Lis Seduction made by Evolved Novelties. First off I wanted to share with all of you how descreet the packaging is when it arrives. It came in a priority mail cardboard box, with nothing on it indicating that I had just received a sex toy in the mail. The return address on the package is Web Merchants, so there was no chance anyone would have known that inside the box was a sex toy, it appeared as if you just had ordered something offline.

This is the Fleur De Lis Seduction made by Evolved Novelties, it comes in a etched domed case, with a charm attached to the top. There is some very brief details about the toy written on the bottom of the case, that is all the instruction that the toy comes with.

Removing this from the case can be a little tricky. You unscrew the bottom piece from the dome, then unscrew the toy from the bottom piece, then unscrew the bottom of the toy and remove the bottle cap type piece of plastic that attached it to the bottom piece. 

The Seduction is 7 1/2 inches in length and 4 3/4 inches in circumference. It is made of a velvety silicone, that is soft to the touch. I did notice that it does have a habit of picking up dust due to the texture of the toy. I personally will be keeping this in the case that it came it to avoid getting dust stuck to it. Which the case is an excellent thing to use as storage seeing it is made of a hard plastic and is made to house the toy. Or if you wished to display it, you could merely leave the domed lid off. 

The Fleur De Lis Seduction does have limited flexibility but does move. About half way up the shaft is when it is able to move due where the batteries are placed. The vibrations on this toy are extremely intense. I am new to the whole sex toy seen and this was just a little bit too intense for me. On low it was fine but on high I couldn't use it. The vibrations did cause my fingers to feel kind of fuzzy after a while, but not too badly. You can feel the vibration through the entire toy, it isn't concentrated on any certain point, more than any other. 

This toy runs off of two AAA batteries. All you have to do is remove the bottom of the toy by unscrewing it and there is a plastic sheath in there that you remove and insert the batteries into the plastic sheath and put it back into the toy and secure the cover and you are in business. There is a waterproof button on the bottom, which you press in to start and press to change the speed or to turn off. The Seduction has 3 speeds ranging from low to high. You can barely hear this toy when its on, when we first got this I was sitting on one end of our couch and my husband on the other end, when I turned it on, he wasn't able to hear it where he was sitting which was less than 10 feet away. Even on high he was unable to hear the vibration. So for being a very powerful toy it is a very quiet and discreet toy.

The Fleur De Lis can be used for a number of things from simulation, to insertion. I personally thought this was just a bit to powerful for me, so it will be used strictly for stimulation, which I have no doubt it will be great at doing.

This toy is also very easy to clean! All you need is your favorite toy cleaner or some mild soap, apply it to the toy, roll it between your hands under warm running water and wooo la  good as new!

You can pick up this you and many more toys, lingerie, candles and much much more over at EdenFantasys

EdenFantasys has turned into one of my favorite places to shop for all my bedroom needs. Its more professional than any site I have seen before. They are discreet when shipping, and the staff is very friendly. They also have a great place called EdenCafe where you can go and meet other people, talk and enter to win some sex toys.

Thank You to Jenn from EdenFantasys for sending this out to me, and helping me get set up to review items. 



  1. Shocked to see the new material on your blog but the Fleur De Lis is very cute and they used my favorite color. It does come in a very attractive package, makes you want to stop and have another look. Hope you have fun with your new toy.

  2. Evolved Novelties is one of our best selling product lines at my sex shop. While I find most of their packaging to be over the top (always looking nice, but peculiar to remove from the container), the products are generally quite well built and received among our customers.

    Glad to see the new reviews!

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