Friday, November 12, 2010

Awesome Giveaway!

 Ivy over at Ivy Reads is having an awesome giveaway! She is going to be giving away a 10.00 e-gift certificate to Amazon or Borders. Whats the catch so you ask? Well Ivy wants to reach 100 followers... Lets help her reach 100 followers and enter to win a great prize! Ivy has a great up and coming blog for book reviews. So lets help her get to 100 followers! or .... maybe more?!? And who knows... if its one of my followers that becomes her 100th follower... I might just have to give something away also! 
So go check out Ivy Reads... Follow and enter for a 10.00 gift card... super easy right? Then what are you waiting for CLICK HERE!


  1. I went over and did this. Was #49, so she still has a bit to go. Looks promising, though!

  2. Nice post, thanks for your tips. It will be useful in my android flytouch blog.


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