Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Updates Ahead!

Hey Everyone, I am just doing an update where I haven't been on in a day or two. I have had some family things that I needed to handle, but when I do come back I will be doing a lot of updates, which will probably be tomorrow. I will let you all know where we stand with the Kindle Giveaway. I will also be putting up a couple reviews, a giveaway for some swag, my In my mailbox post for this week and last but not least Maddie's Corner which will be my new little tid bit to highlight Maddie's books and a review from a child's perspective. We read to my daughter every night and some books she stays interested in and others she doesn't, but she also gets books from publishers to "review" so I am going to start Maddie's corner just for that purpose. Also let me know what you all think about having a vlog with reading time for Maddie? In which I would read one of the books that Maddie has gotten this week. I have been pondering it but not sure if its something that is a good idea or not? anyways just give me your thoughts :)


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