Thursday, October 28, 2010

Trailer Thursday Halloween Addition!

Trailer Thursday: Halloween Addition!
Okay so it's no secret... I LOVE Halloween, so I figured for this Trailer Thursday I would concentrate on Halloween Trailer Teasers :) 

I have yet to read Eternal, I never thought that it would be a book that I was interested in, but after checking out this trailer... I would have to say that I am very interested in reading it... maybe DYING to read it! MHUAHAHA!

 Again another book that I haven't read... I am starting to feel a little deprived with all this Halloweeny goodness! I do have Low Red Moon and I believe that I intend on starting it today, after seeing that Delicious trailer! If you liked it leave me a comment and let me know!

The Hollow just seems like the perfect book to read on a Halloween night! It has paranormal goodness... a secret and a dashing leading man... what more could you ask for? I believe that this is what I will be reading while everyone is out collecting yummy goodies and being haunted by those pesky ghosties.



  1. Fun!! Thanks for the cool trailers. I absolutely LOVE Halloween! :-)

  2. Absolutely wonderful! Enjoyed this tremendously!
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