Sunday, October 17, 2010

Halloween Read-a-thon Mini Challenge

Halloween Read-A-Thon Short Story Mini-Challenge! (for read-a-thon precipitants ONLY!)

The Prize:
  • An Autographed copy of Angel Star by Jennifer Murgia
  • An Angel Star swag pack! Includes: 2 postcard descriptions, 2 business cards, 2 bookmarks, and a signed book plate.
Now For The Challenge:
To win this great prize, all I need from you is a short story. With a spooky/ paranormal theme in tradition with Halloween. It needs have a  200 word MIN.. if you wish it to be more it can be, that is a word minimum. It can be about anything you want: EX: Paranormal Romance, Horror, Zombies, Vampires ect.
The mini-challenge ends at 9 am est Oct 18th.

The Winner:

The winner will be chosen by myself. I will chose the winner at some point tomorrow and the winner will be posted tomorrow evening.
Good Luck and Enjoy!


  1. yay so exciting! I need to think of a story. :)

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