Saturday, October 2, 2010

Computer Issues...

Hey guys... I have been having major computer issues... to the fact that it no longer works lol. I do however have a new computer that I am working on having everything transfered, so that I can begin blogging again with some fierce lol. I do realize that I have not yet announced the winners on the giveaways that ended yesterday. I promise that I will once everything calms down alittle in the computer department. I am attempting to get used to windows again... its not an easy feat for me, I love my MAC! but with that being said I should have everything figured out tomorrow or monday and can continue with blogging. I also have a HUGE giveaway/challenge coming up... i haven't decided the legistics to it as of yet. But it should be great! It will be for an amazon kindle. If anyone has any suggestions on giveaway or challenge ideas dont hesitate to let me know...leave a comment below. There is a catch... I wont be giving away the kindle until I have atleast 500 followers! And it will be international... I have found a way through the system... I will have it sent to me then mail it to you in your country, if amazon doesn't ship there. Anyways stay tuned... and thanks for hanging with me through all these computer issues :)

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