Thursday, September 23, 2010

She Smells The Dead

Author: E.J. Stevens
Release Date: Aug 19, 2010
Publisher: Sacred Oaks Press               
Source: Author ( Thanks E.J.!)

It's the beginning of senior year and Yuki's psychic awareness of ghostly spirits is threatening to ruin her life. Her ability to sense spirits of the dead isn't glamorous like the ghost hunting on television. SHE SMELLS THE DEAD. The smell impressions are becoming stronger. Yuki is being visited in her dreams, and she suspects that her friend Calvin is involved in something strange. To make matters worse her crush on Garrett is going unrequited, Yuki's friend Emma is on a rampage against bee oppression, and annoying Calvin Miller mysteriously disappears. Will Yuki be able to focus her powers in time to save the lost soul who is haunting her? Meanwhile, who will save Yuki from following the spirits into the light?

Yuki is a teenage girl just entering her senior year of high school. Yuki is as far from popular as a green bean is from being ice cream. The jocks in her school call her a witch due to her gothic attire. But Yuki does have a couple great friends!

    There is Emma, a blonde vegan... that thinks she can smell death by walking into the cafeteria, because of all the meat eating going on there. She is also a pro at making tea with healing properties... They don't taste very good... but man do they work! Emma also is set on freeing bee's from being used for honey.

     Calvin Miller is Yuki's best friend, he is blonde with sun kissed skin, and strangely always smells like a wet dog! Yuki is also secretly crushing on Calvin, that is until he expresses that he is interested in being more than just friends with Yuki.

     Oh and there is that small set back that Yuki has.... She can smell the dead! Not disgusting smells like rotting corpses or anything like that but a smell that has left an impression on the ghost. Its that smell that Yuki has to use to solve the mystery that the ghost needs to reveal, because she can't see or talk to the ghost, just smell them.

     I absolutely loved every last delicious page of She Smells The Dead! I had to read it in one sitting because I was unable to set it down, I had to know what was going to happen with Yuki's ghost. Better yet I had to know what was going to happen between her and her love interest Calvin! I liked how in one breathe they were just friends but in another Yuki was harboring these feelings towards Calvin. I had no problem believing that Yuki was seventeen, she had normal teenage issues as well as a few that aren't so normal! If you have a chance to pick up a copy of She Smells The Dead, I strongly suggest that you do! Its such a great book. You can pick up a copy at Amazon, I have included the link below :)

This is also a delightful read with Halloween right around the corner!



  1. Wonderful review. This book really intrigues me, so I guess I'll just have to go get it. I've always loved ghost stories,

    Take care, Keta Diablo

  2. It really was such a great book!

  3. Awesome review. I haven't heard much about this book at all until you posted your review! :) I'm actually really intrigued now!

    Oh btw, LOL @ your green bean/ice cream analogy! :P

    Cheers <3


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