Monday, September 20, 2010

Crossing Over Giveaway

Crossing Over Arc Giveaway!

What better way to end September and start Fall than with a great week of giveaways? Well you are in luck... I am in the giving mood! And with Fall being my favorite season of all ... I felt now was the best time! So This week I will be starting a new giveaway daily. All giveaways will be INTERNATIONAL! So the first giveaway this week is for an ARC of Crossing Over by Anna Kendall. 

Description of Crossing Over:
Roger Kilbourne has the ability to cross over into the land of the dead and speak with its residents. It is a startling gift, and not a pleasant one. Roger manages to escape his brutal uncle, who has exploited his talents for years; after he gets a job in the palace laundry, he thinks he will be safe. Instead, there are worse dangers. First, he falls hopelessly in love with the bewitching, willful Lady Cecilia; next, he is pulled into the midst of life-threatening court intrigue. Soon Roger is using his gift as a way to get the life he dreams of even if it means bringing the dead back to the land of the living.

Each giveaway can be entered multipule times... so you aren't limited to the usual one entry and as always it is INTERNATIONAL and there are ways to get extra entries. Enjoy and Good Luck...


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