Thursday, August 12, 2010


I am the biggest Lip Balm addict ever! So I wandered over to ETSY and picked up some new Lip Balms to review. In the process I just so happened to come across Soapopotamus (which I might add has some other great things other than lip balm)

I picked up some great flavors! They are light, non waxy and add just the right amount of shine, also the flavors are unusual and amazing! 

I have to say my favorite flavor that I got was Dessert Margarita ... Its light and airy with a lime tang... It reminds me of what summer is...all summed up in a Lip Balm. Every time I apply this it feels like I am stepping out on the beach on a beautiful windy day! I LOVE it! I also greatly enjoyed the Pistacia which Regina stated was her favorite as well... It is creamy and light with just the right amount of pistachio flavor. It reminded me of Pistachio Ice Cream mmmm. 

Regina is the owner of Soapopotamus and is so friendly! She felt like a I was talking to a friend... which to me is amazing. There did happen to be an issue with my shipment, which turned out to be fine because Regina got on sending me a replacement shipment immediately. I was amazed at how quickly she jumped to make my experience with her store, the best it could possibly be! 

So as a result of that I have decided to do a giveaway! I will be giving away 2 lip balms from Regina's store, so that one lucky winner has the chance to experience how great her lip balms are!

Customer Service: 10/10
Shipping Time: 10/10
Cost: 10/10
Quality of Product: 10/10
And Because Regina was such a peach to deal with I added her own category!
Regina is Fabulous! : 10/10!!!

You can check out Regina's Store Soapopotmus HERE! Check out her very unique soaps... you won't believe your eyes!

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