Sunday, August 29, 2010

Go You Followers You!

So here is the deal, I haven't been home allll day. When I got home a few minutes ago I decided I would check on comments and the blog... so on and so forth! When I left this morning we had 102 Followers... yea you read right 102 followers! Now we have 117 Followers. Well you know me and my giveaways, well tomorrow at some point will be a new giveaway. I haven't decided exactly what the giveaway will be yet but there will be one! Any suggestions let me know down in the comments. But I am just so happy with how much we have grown today... so in that event, I am feeling in the giving mood, I did have a suggestion that I give away Digital Copies of a few books for those of you who have ereaders... but that counts out everyone else. So let me know what you think or would like for a giveaway... who knows I might choose your choice :) Have a good night!


  1. woot congrats! 15 in a day, wow.
    uhm, maybe gift certificate so everyone can get (almost) whichever book they want? book depository is international and free shipping :D

  2. Mary, you know what, I love following your blog because you always have the most interesting posts and you just seem so nice as well! Plus your giveaways are amazing. So this is me thanking you :P.

    As for the giveaway - I was thinking a gift certificate as well. Or, just compile a bunch of books you enjoyed and let the winner pick from that!

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