Friday, August 27, 2010

Fallen Blood

Author: Martin Sharlow
Release Date: Unknown
Publisher: Unknown
Source: Martin Sharlow ( Thanks Martin!)

What mystery surrounds an abandoned house now owned by the Federal government, that would bring men dressed in black to a frightened teen's home in the middle of the night? That would have them drag her parents from their home? What would have them desperately searching for her, to keep whatever secret they hide. Her only hope is a lovesick teen with a secret of his own to hide.

Vampire blood. Is it a curse, or is it a blessing? For two people in love, it's about to be a little of both. 

Brian has been in love with Heather for as long as he can remember, the only issue is Heather doesn't even know he is alive. He steals glances at her at school, but it's when she falls asleep that Brian gets to really see Heather.
Brian is a vampire and has the ability to visit Heather in her dreams. He can also travel to anywhere she is. One night he decides to visit her, to find that she isn't home. Instead she is in an abandoned house with her boyfriend and some friends. When Heather goes to go home early, men in black suits try coming to find her. 

Heather is able to hide with Brian's help, but the men in suits have her family and friends. Brian is unsure what he should do, but he knows that he needs to protect Heather at all costs. So Brian and Heather leave town, meeting some great characters along the way. But trouble is not far behind....

I LOVED fallen blood. It is written in the 3rd person, which is exactly how the book had to be written to be portrayed so strongly. The more than I got into the book, I felt as though I was part of Brian and Heather's friends... that I was on this dangerous journey with them. I really liked the turn on vampire's that Martin took, Brian is not your ordinary everyday dead, can't go in sunlight vampire ... he is alive. I couldn't believe it what I was reading... I had to keep saying to myself " NO WAY! THAT DID NOT JUST HAPPEN!" I pretty sure I annoyed a few people that were around me! There is suspense, action and romance at every turn! I just couldn't get enough...

Note To Martin: Thanks for the great read... but really did you have to give me an ending like that... I NEED MORE! 


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