Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Ghost and The Goth

Title: The Ghost and The Goth
Author: Stacey Kade
Release Date: June 29, 2010
Publisher: Hyperion Book CH
Source: Publisher

After a close encounter with the front end of a school bus, Alona Dare goes from Homecoming Queen to Queen of the Dead. Now she’s stuck as a spirit (DON’T call her a ghost) in the land of the living with no sign of the big, bright light to take her away. To make matters worse, the only person who might be able to help her is Will Killian, a total loser outcast who despises the social elite. He alone can see and hear (turns out he’s been “blessed” with the ability to communicate with the dead), but he wants nothing to do with the former mean girl of Groundsboro High.

Alona has never needed anyone for anything, and now she’s supposed to expose her deepest, darkest secrets to this pseudo-goth boy? Right. She’s not telling anyone what really happened the day she died, not even to save her eternal soul. And Will’s not filling out any volunteer forms to help her cross to the other side. He only has a few more weeks until his graduation, when he can strike out on his own and find a place with less spiritual interference. But he has to survive and stay out of the psych ward until then. Can they get over their mutual distrust—and the weird attraction between them—to work together before Alona vanishes for good and Will is locked up for seeing things that don’t exist?

My Thoughts:
I had a really hard time getting into The Ghost and The Goth, I had to keep setting it down and coming back to it. However once I did get into it, I LOVED it! It just took some sticking with it.

Alona's character is shallow, critical and mean. She is the queen of the popular crowd, that is until she isn't watching where she is walking and walks in front of a school bus. Right after dying she realizes the friends that she thought she had, weren't the people she thought they were. When she goes back to the school to see everyone (not that they can see her), her "friends" are talking about how much they didn't like her. Her best friend was making out with her boyfriend only one day after her funeral, and by the way her friends were talking, its been going on for a while. As Alona starts to think all hope is lost, enter Will. The goth boy of Groundsboro High, and the complete opposite of Alona. While Alona is down about her friends and boyfriend, Will looks right at her and laughs! Which means only one thing.... that Will can see her! Will is the only one who can see and talk to her, even though he wishes he couldn't. Alona needs Will's help to try and find her way to the "light".. A place that she believes will fix all her issues and her wildest dreams will be reality.

The Ghost and The Goth in my opinion could have concentrated less on some parts and more on others. Overall the story line is good. The book had a very hard time keeping my attention in the beginning, towards the middle is where it starts getting really good! I did like how Kade was very true to the cliches in high school... she couldn't have gotten it more head on. Alona's shallowness got a little annoying at times, but the wittiness out plays the annoying. I loved the connection that was formed between Will and Alona, and how at first it seemed as though Will was never going to help her, everything turned out how I would have wanted in the end, even though the end came a bit soon and leads me to think there might be a sequel in the works? . So even though it was slow at the beginning and a bit shallow at times. I feel that it was needed for the proper progression of the story and the characters. Over all I did enjoy The Ghost and The Goth, I am very happy that I was able to stick with it! This is one story that I could read again.

I absolutely love the appeal of The Ghost and The Goth, The books is just stunning! Alona is beautiful and you get a lot of Will's personality in the way he hold himself on the cover. The cover is one thing that got me interested in The Ghost and The Goth. The cover holds true with the story that Will really wasn't interested at all in Alona at first. It's just an amazing cover! They couldn't have done any better if they wanted to.

Go out and get yourself a copy of The Ghost and The Goth, You wont be disappointed! Its a great summer read.

Rating: 7.8 out of 10


  1. I absolutely love the cover of this too. And the concept is cute, i think it sounds like my thing (haven't seen it anywhere around here though...)

  2. Yeah it turned out to be an Okay book... I was just a little disappointed in the slow beginning.

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