Monday, July 26, 2010

Birthmarked Review

Author: Caragh O'Brien
Release Date: March 30th, 2010
Publisher: Roaring Brook Press
Source: Publisher

IN THE ENCLAVE, YOUR SCARS SET YOU APART, and the newly born will change the future.
Sixteen-year-old Gaia Stone and her mother faithfully deliver their quota of three infants every month. But when Gaia’s mother is brutally taken away by the very people she serves, Gaia must question whether the Enclave deserves such loyalty. A stunning adventure brought to life by a memorable heroine, this dystopian debut will have readers racing all the way to the dramatic finish.

My Thoughts:
This is a fantastic debut for Caragh O'Brien!
From the first page, I couldn't put it down, Gaia is a
very easy to relate to character, which is one aspect
that I believe made this book shine. Birthmarked is
made up of action, bravery and a touch of romance.
It was a little bit of everything I look for wrapped up in an
amazing read! Gaia is a very brave girl who decides
that the only way to save her parents, that were arrested
and taken inside the Enclave, is to go in after them.
Something that is unheard of for anyone that resides
outside the wall. Along the way she must uncover
the secrets that her father and mother kept in order
to stay alive once inside the wall. Birthmarked is full of
suspenseful and thoughtful moments which makes you
really feel as though you are accompanying Gaia on her
adventure.I read this book in one sitting, which I felt the need
that I had to do, because I just wasn't able to leave off not
knowing what was going to happen to Gaia and the friends
which help her along the way. I am really hoping that the
author will come out with a sequel to Birthmarked. I can't
wait to see what else Caragh O'Brien has up her sleeve.
Birthmarked is a must read for anyone, not just young adults.
It will appeal to any crowd, because it has a little something
for everyone. To all my readers I suggest you run out and
find a copy of Birthmarked... trust me you won't regret it!

Rating: 9.7 out of 10


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